Build your breakthrough with Beatchain

The Beatchain platform is designed to take care of every digital aspect of your music career.

To build your breakthrough as an independent artist, you've got to take care of a lot of things! Aside from making great music and content, you've got to be driving people to it, and constantly searching for new fans to help support your career.

The success of your releases now hinge more and more on what you do on social media, and that's why at Beatchain we treat distribution, analytics, digital ads and smart links as one big project!

Get alerts and notifications about your music, content and more!

How does Beatchain do things differently?

Unlike other "Pure Play" distribution or smart link companies, Beatchain is designed to take care of every digital aspect of your music career. Rather than focusing on just one activity, your Beatchain subscription gives you access to a whole toolkit:

  • Distribution to all major streaming platforms
  • Presave campaigns, Linkshares and Bio Links
  • Simple photo editing
  • Digital advertising for Facebook/Instagram
  • Analytics and Alerts for social, streaming and playlists

We're all about helping serious artists build their breakthroughs in music. Bringing all these activities together into one package encourages creators to take part in more of them, seize more opportunities to promote themselves, and learn from their data!

Keep track of your fanbases across the internet with Beatchain Insights

We believe there's no point in releasing music if you don't promote it, and there's no point in paying for promotion if you don't understand the results! All our tools are designed with artists in mind, and we boil down the most important information so you can understand what's working, what's not, and what you can do better next time!

Get the most important stats for your campaigns

Distributing with Beatchain

Release tracks to the world's biggest streaming platforms and digital stores. Crucially, you have access to loads of tools to promote new music before, during and after release day! Distribute one track singles from $8.99 and multi-track releases from $24.99. There are no monthly or yearly fees to keep your tracks live, so (providing you stick to our terms and conditions) once they're up, they're up!

Get your music onto all the major streaming platforms, and earn royalties when your music is played

Growing your career

Struggling to grow your fan bases from in the hundreds to in the thousands?

Beatchain's Fan Builder is the easiest way for artists to buy ads on social media. Digital ads usually have a really steep learning curve, but we've designed a system to take away many of the complicated parts of placing, targeting and understanding ads on Facebook and Instagram. Start inserting your content into the feeds and stories of people who are most likely to like your music!

Our blog and help centre is full of resources to help you understand the sort of content that audiences respond best to!

Managing social media

The platform is packed full of tools to help make social media work for you. Use the media editor to turn your photos into tour posters, and set up your Link in Bio, all from the same app!

There's nothing you can't hype with Beatchain HypeLinks

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