Getting your pages ready for social media ads

If you're luring in new social media fans with dazzling content, make sure your page is engaging, resourceful and up to date!

"If I'd known you'd be visiting, I would have tidied up a bit"

Picture the scene: You've just invited someone into your home. As you open the door, it suddenly dawns on you that the place might not be at its most presentable.

There are dishes where there shouldn't be dishes, a couple of light bulbs have blown, you've left your furry handcuffs out and you can't find a clean glass to offer your guest a drink.

"Oh it's not that messy," says your guest, silently judging you.

Now imagine you'd had prior warning of their visit. You might have sprayed a bit of air freshener, squished items into the closet, put away your laundry, and left a very intelligent-looking book on the coffee table.

"So where are you going with this metaphor, Joel?"

Well my point is that when you're expecting people, you pay a lot more attention to appearances and first impressions. And this logic should apply to your social media pages too!

The time you can expect to get the most people visiting your page is when you're running ads, and so it's really important you make sure:

  • It looks like a good page to follow
  • It's easy to find your music, website, or whatever it is you want to push them to.

Getting your feed ready for social media ads

So you've got a great piece of video content going out as as ad to potential fans. This could for the purpose of growing your Facebook/Insta fanbase, getting new streamers, or sending traffic to a YouTube video.

When people see your ad, they're only one click away from seeing what your page is all about, and if the first few bits of content on your feed are...

  • A bit boring
  • Nothing like the quality of your ad video
  • Trying to sell them something might put them off completely. You don't want them thinking you're pulling the old bait and switch!

"For the duration your ad is running, make sure your feed is showing off your best stuff"

Now we're not saying you need to be constantly churning out high-effort content week after week, but for the duration your ad is running, make sure your feed is showing off your best stuff. Once the new fans are invested in you and have had a bit of time to get to know you better, you can afford to cut down on the high-effort posts.

We always recommend when running any ad campaign that you have multiple pieces of video content ready to go, and this is one of the reasons why!

If you find yourself short on content, try resharing some of your old stuff to your feed. For example, on Facebook you can reshare your own video to your page, or pin it to the top of your feed.

Getting your page ready for social media ads

Now your feed's ready, make sure the rest of your page looks up to date and not neglected. You don't want your banners and bio links promoting a show you did last year! If there's something you're keen to push (new release, merchandise etc.), make sure it appears prominently at the top!

You have a number of opportunities across your FaceBook/Insta/YouTube pages to steer people to where you want to send them:

  • Banners
  • About Section/Bio
  • Pinned Post
  • Website/Bio Link

Check your Facebook page info is up to date!

If you have a couple of things you're promoting, use a smart link to help fans navigate to the one they're interested in. You can build a free Link in Bio from the HypeLinks section of the Beatchain app. Here's ours:

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