New Beatchain Plans - April 2021

Hey everyone! With the addition of some shiny new features, we’ve had a big shake up of our Beatchain subscriptions. It now costs much less to get access to the full Beatchain experience and all our promo tools!

What's the background?

Social media plays such an important part in the success of everything you do as a modern musician. That's why, since we first opened up the Beatchain platform 2 years ago, we've constantly been adding more and more features to help you manage your social media, music and more all in one place!

Distribution in particular is so dependent on the hard work and creativity you put into promotion, and so we've focused on developing tools to ensure your releases are properly supported by your promo efforts, from getting your music onto major streaming platforms, to running presaves, digital ad campaigns, creating promo images, streaming links, link in bios, scheduling posts to your socials, and getting the data and insights back to see what's working!

This latest shake-up will ensure every release distributed through Beatchain can be promoted with all those activities at a much more affordable price.

What are the new subscriptions?

As of April 23rd, there will be 2 subscription options: Essentials and Premium:

New Beatchain Subscriptions

If you're already on one of our existing premium plans, you will automatically be moved to our new Premium Plan on April 23rd. If you're currently on the Free plan, you'll be able to check out Essentials with a 2 week free trial.

Shiny New Features!

We're also very excited to announce two new features on the Beatchain platform:

1. Apple Presaves

For artists on our new Premium plan, the Presave HypeLink will now feature a button for your fans to presave your release on Apple Music as well as Spotify!

2. Activity Feed

All artists will now have access to an Activity Feed to show stats, milestones and events for your various profiles around the internet. The Insights page has always been great for checking up on your fanbases, but the Activity Feed will make it much easier to see exactly what's changed since the last time you logged in.

Find out what's new on your social and streaming profiles

The Activity Feed will now greet you when you log in to Beatchain, and will be accessible by hitting the bell icon in the top right of the app.

What's Happening to the Free Plan?

We've observed a lot of artists using the free distribution service to get their music onto the major streaming platforms, but doing very limited promotion before, during and after release day to push fans towards it. We want to make sure all Beatchain releases are being listened to on the other side!

We've received feedback from many artists that they would like to use the full Beatchain toolset to promote releases more effectively, but that the jump from our free plan to our $14.99 premium plan was a bit steep!

The new Essentials plan will allow artists to take part in important promo activities at a much more affordable price. We hope the shake up will reward those artists who are serious about promoting their music!

The free plan will be discontinued on April 23rd. If you don't wish to upgrade to Essentials, don't worry - any music you've released already will remain on streaming platforms indefinitely, and you'll continue to collect royalties on those releases.

For more details, please check out the FAQ

How will this affect me?

You can check out our FAQ to find out exactly what's changing for Free, Premium and Superstar users.

Any other new stuff?

There's plenty more awesome stuff on the way (sorry we don't currently have a date):

1. Playlist Pitching

Artists on all plans will be able to apply to be considered for our playlist pitching service, providing access to the same playlist curators as the major labels have! We're currently testing the service with some beta artists and hope to provide some more details soon!

2. Post Scheduling for Instagram

After a couple of updates to the Instagram platform, it will now be possible to schedule posts to go out on your Instagram accounts via the Beatchain Launchpad.

Got Feedback?

We always want to hear from Beatchain members! If you have any feedback about our new features and plans, make sure to send us a message via the app!

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