Planning your release and maximizing exposure

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Planning your release and Maximizing exposure So you've written some st hot tracks. The lyrics are full of double-entendres, triple meanings and poetic devices that don't have a name yet. When they make documentaries about the 2020s, it will be your song playing in the background.

So you've written some st hot tracks.

The lyrics are full of double-entendres, triple meanings and poetic devices that don't even have a name yet.And the melodies? Let's just say when they make documentaries about the 2020s, it will be your songs playing in the background.But before you can receive international recognition for your masterpiece(and it is a masterpiece, isn't it?) you need to overcome an obstacle.

You need people to hear it!Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there to help you promote your music, even if you don't have a record label budget (and a big pile of interns to do the grunt work for you). <rework>It will take a little bit of planning and some creativity, but here are some things to consider to help plan your release and maximize exposure: </rework>

1. Choose a release dateWe strongly recommend giving yourself at least 3 weeks to get all yourcontent together, your various accounts set up, and your fans hyped!

Most providers will in case there is a problem with the track, artwork or metadata that you will need to fix

2. Finalize your releaseArtwork?

Cover song?

Does your release contain a cover song? If so, you will need to obtain a mechanical license in order to distribute it, and credit the songwriter and recording owner, who will be due a cut of your royalties from the cover. Otherwise you could run into some legal issues."But lawyers don't scare me, Joel!", I hear you say.

Nevertheless, it's really not worth risking legal action when you can pick up a license for as little as $12.

"Yes, you're probably right, Joel. I'll get a mechanical license."

Good, glad that's sorted.

3. Setup your accounts


If you've already got music on Spotify, make sure that you claim your free Spotify for Artists profile! From here you can submit a track from your new releasedirectly to Spotify's editorial teamto be considered for one of Spotify's official playlists. You must submit your track for consideration at least one week before the release date though!

Remember, your inclusion on the playlist will only be temporary, but you can pick up a lot of streams, saves and new fans. And it's Completely free!Claiming your profile will also let you set up pre-save campaigns. These allow your fans get your new songs straight into their Spotify library on release day.Update your profilePrepare Social Media

Facebook (specifically a business page), Twitter, InstagramYou could be missing out on fans who only use one or two social networks

Many have features that allow you to direct visitors to your new music, for example banners, buttons and bio links. Start thinking about how you're going to utilize these, and take note of the image dimensions for banners/cover photos etc. as you don't want to be putting these together in a rush on release day

You can monitor your follower numbers, post performance and fan demographics on Beatchain's free Insights dashboard. This helps you understand your fan base and see which content they find most engaging.

Mailing ListIf you have a mailing list

4. Get your content together

5. Tease it!

6. Announce it!

7. Submit to playlists and subreddits

Sites like Submithub can be used for free, although there is normally a limit to how many playlists you can submit to each day. You can pay for additional credits and submit to more playlists if you want to.

Reddit can also be a great place to share your music and get feedback from other musicians. Some subreddits like this one and this one have weekly threads where musicians are encouraged to submit their tracks for other users to check out!

8. Reminders

Other PromotionLive show


Repurpose music videos to promote old songs for new fans

Banners, themes and buttons

Album artwork - make sure it's square! (or use the Beatchain editor) Also make sure any text on the artwork matches the name of the release

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