Worth Knowing: New Livestream Platforms

Two independent livestreaming services launch, Twitch videos get removed after rights nightmare, Beatchain at Mixmasters.live – it’s all going on this week.

New Streaming Services Aim to Save the Live Industry

The Guardian reports shocking news that 170,000 jobs in live music are expected to be lost in the UK by Christmas due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Another article focuses on two new live streaming start-ups that could give smaller artists the opportunity to make money from streamed shows. One, DIUO, promises to give grants from their profits to stage crew who are out of work during this difficult time for live music, while the other, Oda, offers audio only live shows.

Soundcloud DJ Subscription Platform

Soundcloud seems to be on a mission to become the platform of choice for DJs. Having already added in-track data, such as tempo and key, that helps DJs out, this week it has launched a subscription service giving access to its “catalog of open-format hip-hop and electronic hits, remixes and deep cuts”. The platform also added in its blog statement: “In the coming months we’ll be introducing curated playlists to kickstart your sets.”

Beatchain at mixmasters.live

Mixmasters.Live, a virtual electronic music summit aimed at inspiring and educating artists, is happening soon and Beatchain will be the headline sponsor for the event. Beatchain will host two panels discussing how to make the most of the platform, on October 30 and November 1.

Constant Feedback and How to Deal with It as An Artist

We enjoyed this long read in Complex about how the constant feedback from social media can be damaging to artists who are trying to develop their sound and ideas. Building a brand is important but, as this article outlines, so is your mental health.

Twitch Has a Music Rights Nightmare

Thousands of Twitch videos have been panic deleted by the platform because music rights holders have not given permission for their music to be used, Music Business Worldwide reports. This is despite the fact that the Amazon-owned platform reassured everyone it had struck a deal to make sure music makers received their fees for people using music on Twitch.

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