Worth Knowing: Spotify releases Discovery Mode

It’s been a big week for news in general, and it’s also been an interesting week in the music industry. Read on to catch up on what’s happened in the last seven days.

Spotify’s new Discovery Mode 

This week, Spotify unveiled a new tool for artists: Discovery Mode, prompting lots of both positive and negative reactions. Want to understand the basics of the tool and understand what the deal is? We recommend this article from Murray Stassen. This week also saw yet more pressure on DSPs from the rest of the industry, with the European Music Managers Alliance setting out a plan to force streaming services to change their deals to become more favourable for artists. 

Lockdowns – England studios to remain open

From November 4 until December 2 England is in lockdown, Scotland is in various tiers of restrictions, while Wales and Northern Ireland are also in the middle of temporary lockdowns. Artists might find some relief in the fact that recording studios in England have been allowed to remain open by the government.  

The Alternative Power 100 Music List

We love the work of Shesaid.so, repping the amazing creativity of women and gender minorities in the music industry. We also love their Alternative Power 100 Music List, and nominations are now open for 2020. So, if you’ve been inspired by someone in music who has been creative in the face of this year’s adversity, nominate them to be selected for the list, and they might be rewarded for all their hard work and positive vibes.


This week marked the end of the tie-in time that Taylor Swift had with her old label, which owns all of the master recordings of her early work. Fans celebrated that Swift is now free to re-record her original music, so that she owns the new master recordings, and even got the subject trending on Twitter. Will Taylor do it?  

Stevie Nicks: I have to thank the TikTok guy

After Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams re-entered the charts recently, following a viral TikTok film from Nathan Apocada, Fleetwood Mac lead singer Stevie Nicks spoke to NPR, saying she really wanted to thank “the TikTok guy.”

“You have to understand: I'm not on TikTok, I'm not on Instagram, I'm not on Facebook, I don't have a computer. But I have to call him and tell him, "Thank you so much, because you know what you did? You brought this music back to the world, all by yourself," said the singer in the interview. 

The story of how Mood became a mood

24KGoldn has propelled “Mood”, featuring iann dior, into stratospheric success, reaching the top of Spotify’s streaming charts, and ranking high on both US and UK charts. But how? We found this article, which delves into the way the song was promoted, really interesting.

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