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Don't Get Beaten By Bad Distribution / MAKE IT A BREAKTHROUGH RELEASE With Beatchain

Make music your way and we’ll get it on the major streaming platforms. No need to impress anyone but your fans. Upload your tracks to the world’s biggest streaming sites and digital stores and keep 90% of the royalties. Get the tools you need to get more streams, with presaves, ad campaigns and more.

Plus more, including: Shazam, Pandora, Napster, Joox, Facebook, Instagram, 7Digital

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How Does it work?


We help you get your tracks onto the major streaming platforms and you keep all the rights to your music.

  • Singles from $8.99, Albums from $24.99. no annual fees
  • Our Distro team help you navigate all the streaming platforms' rEQUIReMENTS
  • You keep ownership of your masters and get 90% of the Royalties.
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Data Insights

Data is more important than ever / analytics to learn about your listeners

Modern music fans create a lot of data. All those streams, downloads and video views together can paint a picture about your audience and help you make better decisions.

At Beatchain, we boil down that data to help you understand the who, what, where and why of your listeners.

  • Audience demographics and locations
  • Stats for each streaming platform
  • See which playlists you're on
  • REgular Email Alerts
meet the artists

“The distribution features are amazing, after finishing our song we were so stoked to get it out there for everyone to hear, and Beatchain made this simple and helped us do so” – Perfect Strangers

We asked Perfect Strangers how they were using Beatchain to stay on top of their distribution and promotion goals. Find them on Instagram @PerfectStrangersUK and their latest release Don't Think I Will on all major streaming platforms.

Beat The System

You can't can do distribution without a record deal / Thousands of artists already do, with Beatchain

The System makes it hard for artists. From your look to your sound to your data and your profits, The System wants to control everything. Beatchain was started to fix that imbalance, and empower artists to run their own careers.

You don’t need a record deal to get started in your music career.  Choose independence and stay in control of your music, your brand and your royalties.

Meet The Artists / check out these artists who have already featured on Beatchain
Frequently Asked

If I’ve already used another distribution service in the past, can I transfer my old releases to Beatchain when I sign up?

Yes, you can transfer your existing releases to Beatchain and do your distribution from the same place you run your social media, website, mailing list and more. We have some articles on our dedicated help centre with detailed instructions on how to do it.

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community support

Our social channels and blog are full of helpful advice, regularly updated / for whatever stage of your career you're at

To succeed as an independent artist there’s a big list of things you need to get your head around, from distribution, to promotion and playlisting. All these things can have a steep learning curve, so we regularly publish educational content across our blog, help center and social media pages to help you maximize the success of your releases.

Featuring You

We regularly feature artists who distribute with us / our long-running Beat Of The Week feature can attract over 10k plays on Instagram

We're always looking for ways to help independent artists get ahead! Across our social media platforms, website and marketing, the Beatchain team loves showcasing the artists who use our platform.  We run regular interviews, blogs and instagram features with members of our community, and each week we select a Beatchain-distributed track as the Beat Of The Week on our socials.