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Websites used to be difficult and expensive/ NOW THEY'RE DONE IN SECONDS

Building and hosting a website is one of the most expensive, complicated problems for independent musicians to solve. Beatchain solves it with awesome websites included in all our paid subscriptions.

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Get A Professional Website All About You, In Seconds. Give Your Fans A Central Hub To Find Your Latest Music, Videos, Posts And Mailing List

Bursting with features, a Beatchain instant website is ready in seconds and is included in all our paid subscriptions. In the time it takes you to crawl through templates with our competitors, a Beatchain website is already up and running – and with no extra cost to you monthly, there's no competition at all.

  • Collect Fan emails for your mailing list
  • add your facebook pixel for retargeting
  • Showcase your merchandise
  • Display tour dates
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Responsive Design

Built to look good on all devices/ Responsive means it works on phones, tablets, and on laptops and PCs too

Beatchain Instant Websites are built with responsive design, so fans can find your shows, music and mailing list no matter where they're browsing.

REAL USERS upgrading to Premium

“I found it super intuitive, just follow the steps and it'll create you a website" – Emilee Boyce

Beatchain Instant Website Builder automatically creates a website with content from your existing social media pages. Just connect your profiles to your Beatchain account and we'll do the rest! If you want to make any further changes, it's easy to tweak the content and styling until you're happy with it.


Enhanced customization is built into our Website Builder feature / now it’s easier for you to make sure your website better suits your aesthetic

Search through and test different fonts and color combinations to make choices that fit with your brand and artwork.