Mailing Lists

Get your message straight to their inboxes / Market your new releases, shows and more to your most engaged fans via email

Email is a powerful tool for announcing new shows, releases and merchandise to your biggest fans, and rewarding them with exclusive content. Build your mailing list with Beatchain.

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Own your audience

Why use email as well as social?

There's a saying in digital marketing : "You don't own your social media audience. You only rent them". The point is that the social media platforms own your pages, and their algorithms decide how many of your followers actually see your posts.

⁣⁣When it comes to promoting a new release, show or merchandise, you want to make sure you're reaching all your biggest fans. T⁣⁣he great thing about emails is that they go straight into your fans' inboxes, and are much harder to miss or scroll past!

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Email Campaigns

A personal touch for your most engaged fans

The people who sign up to your mailing list tend to be the ones who care most about your music! Make sure they know when there's an opportunity to support your career, and make them feel special with exclusive content and offers:

  • Release Announcements
  • Tour Dates
  • Early Bird Tickets
  • Exclusive Content & Sneak Previews
  • Discounts
Integrations Make It Smart

Build your mailing list with Beatchain / Slick integrations to let your list grow itself

    Email is a powerful tool for reaching your fans, so we help you grow your mailing list wherever we can. Our Instant Websites and Presave Campaigns have email capture built in, so you can easily keep in touch with your most engaged fans.

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