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Beatchain Hall Of Fame / Across our social media platforms, website and marketing, the Beatchain team love to showcase the artists who use our platform.

We think it's important to know there are thousands of artists out there, all working hard to build their career as an independent, same as you.⁣⁣⁣⁣ To help promote and inspire Beatchain artists, we run regular interviews, blogs and instagram features with members of our community, and each week we select a Beatchain-distributed track as the Beat Of The Week on our socials.

Harbourside are a new Pop-Punk act from Dorset, UK. Their second single 'Summers Over' was our Beat of the Week in October 2020.

Tallahassee rockers The Brown Goose talk us through how they're using Beatchain's Fan Builder to grow their audience.
The Brown Goose

"We love the integration of social media that Beatchain provides in their services. It makes tracking stats so simple. Plus it has helped us with staying connected with our followers. Largely, the interface provides all of our stats in an easy to understand format. It’s been incredibly helpful."
The Fifty Two

As a Beatchain premium user, VK Belle has access to all our tools and features. We asked her how he was using Beatchain to stay on top of her distribution and promotion goals.
VK Belle

"Beatchain is a great platform to use. Very easy to navigate around, not stressful at all and I like that you have the free or premium option. There is no financial pressure, which is a big factor especially for aspiring artists"
Paul Noels

"The distribution feature is the best, distributes music to all platforms perfectly! It is very straight forward and easy to use.Yung Chrome

“I found it super intuitive, just follow the steps and it'll create you a website"
Emilee Boyce

London-based Eve Antoi uses Beatchain distribution to get her music out to where it needs to be – “I really recommend any independent artists use Beatchain for their releases, it’s super easy, affordable and I can’t fault it.”Eve Antoi

Beatchain users DRAB AVE. tell us a little bit about their favourite Beatchain feature.

drab ave.

Bay Area musician Zharmila uses Beatchain Premium features to reinforce her artist brand. Image plays a crucial role in Zharmila’s brand as an artist. As a Beatchain Premium user, she stays true to her colour schemes and imagery when promoting her music, with a website, smart links and pre-save campaigns tailored to match her branding.


"The Insights page is particularly useful, where you can see at a glance what is hitting the mark in terms of social media and streaming platforms"
Union Of Knives

"The distribution features are amazing, after finishing our song we were so stoked to get it out there for everyone to hear, and Beatchain made this simple and helped us do so"
Perfect Strangers

"In the service, I like the most convenient statistics panel, which allows you to track both social networks and streaming platforms. I also like the “preview” function, which contains all the links to the release!"

Beatchain user and ethereal grunger Eliza Shaddad tells us a little bit about her experience using Fan Builder and growing her fan base.
Eliza Shaddad

"The breadth of information in the Beatchain dashboard allows my team and I the ability to track our progress using actionable insights vs pure vanity metrics"
Vicious Chxld

"I love the interface and it feels easy to understand overall. The data is fun. I'm still getting used to it but I both love and hate getting updates on playlists I'm on and playlists I'm taken off of ha!  The streaming and social data is amazing and easy to understand."

"Free distribution. When so much music can be made, more often than not with zero budget, paying for distribution puts an unnecessary weight on a project, pressure that might lead an artist to changing a track too much out of fear the distribution money will be a waste and no one will listen. The free distribution Beatchain offers removes all of that."

meet the artists

“The distribution features are amazing, after finishing our song we were so stoked to get it out there for everyone to hear, and Beatchain made this simple and helped us do so” – Perfect Strangers

We asked Perfect Strangers how they were using Beatchain to stay on top of their distribution and promotion goals. Find them on Instagram @PerfectStrangersUK and their latest release Don't Think I Will on all major streaming platforms.
Perfect Strangers

"Beatchain is amazing with giving you exactly what they promo on all the stores and it's delivery. You get hyperlinks to add to any of your socials to your project. You get TikTok, Google Play, Amazon Music, Facebook, so many platforms, and so many extra services"
Anthony Lyric

"My favorite thing about Beatchain (other than unlimited distribution with the Superstar plan), is that is streamlines so many key pieces of software such as social metrics across ALL channels, content scheduling, etc. all into one place. That eliminates a huge amount of time, and potentially money, which allows me to do more of what I do best."

"I have been with Beatchain for a good few months now watching the company grow whilst using the platforms for my label releases myself and artists that we have signed. The features and updates are ever-growing and the team behind the website is great, very down to earth and fast to attend to all inquires well worth the investment for yourself. The best and most important tool is having all your audiences in one place to see what and where you need to grow or push numbers-wise."
Lewis LJ King