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Breakthrough tools to help grow, Engage and nurture your audience


Fan Builder

Music promo made easy. Expand your horizons and find new fans by putting your content in front of the right audiences. Templated campaigns, simplified analytics and content tips to help you grow, engage and sell to your fanbase.

Choose a goal, add your content and we’ll do the rest!

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Upload your tracks to the world’s biggest streaming sites and digital stores. Earn royalties from your music and keep ownership of your masters.

No annual fees to keep your music up!

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Branded smart links to help fans presave new releases and find your music on their preferred streaming service.

HypeLinks are generated automatically for both new and existing releases, and provide in-depth analytics on your fans’ streaming habits.


Instant Website

Get a professional website all about you, and show the world you’re serious about your music career. Give your fans a central hub to find your latest music, videos, posts and mailing list.

Beatchain automatically pulls in content from your existing social media and streaming profiles to build a site in seconds.

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Keep track of your fans, streams, playlists, social posts and more, all in one place. Understand your fan demographics, where you should tour, and what content is working best.

Learn more about the fans who support your music and use data to make better career decisions

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Keep your fans engaged with a steady stream of content from Beatchain's social media scheduler! Prepare your content weeks in advance and release it to your fans with perfect timing.

Set up Twitter, Instagram and Facebook campaigns to market your shows and releases while you’re busy doing other things.

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One simple app that offers everything you need to find, engage and monetize real fans

Behind every successful artist is a loyal audience. Find fans who want to support you in your career.
Likes, plays, follows, traffic… It's hard to stay on top of it all. As fans interact with your music and content, you need to understand what’s going on. We give you all the stats that matter in one place.
Earn money when fans buy and stream your music. Own your masters and keep 90% of the royalties.
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You can't can do distribution without a record deal / Don' get beaten by bad distribution

Upload your tracks to the world’s biggest streaming sites and digital stores and keep 90% of the royalties. The system says you need a deal – but with Beatchain you make your music your way and we’ll get it on the major streaming platforms. No need to impress anyone but your fans.

Plus more, including: Shazam, Pandora, Napster, Joox, Facebook, Instagram, 7Digital

Frequently asked

If I’ve already used another distribution service in the past, can I transfer my old releases to Beatchain when I sign up?

Yes, you can transfer your existing releases to Beatchain and do your distribution from the same place you run your social media, website, mailing list and more. We have some articles on our dedicated help centre which have detailed instructions on how to do it.

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Tens of Thousands of independent artists are signing up to Beatchain

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Meet the artists

London-based Eve Antoi uses Beatchain distribution to get her music out to where it needs to be / Doing distribution without a deal

Once she finished her UK Garage-inspired track Vibin, Eve had no idea what to do with it next, but Beatchain helped her get the song on all the major streaming platforms. 

“I really recommend any independent artists use Beatchain for their releases, it’s super easy, affordable and I can’t fault it.”

Meet the artists

Bay Area musician Zharmila uses Beatchain Premium features to reinforce her artist brand / sharing music in style

Image plays a crucial role in Zharmila’s brand as an artist. She stays true to her colour schemes and imagery when promoting her music, with smart links and pre-save campaigns tailored to match her branding.

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Presaves, Smart Links and Digital Ads / Save money on multiple platforms, we have it all in one place

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