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In 2012, Stevie Jones was trying to boost the profile of his new band without record label support.

He found a way to rapidly grow and engage the band’s fanbase, and sell out some of the UK’s biggest music venues with no promoter, manager or label.

This caught the attention of a team of award-winning tech entrepreneurs, who sought to refine Stevie’s methodology and change the music industry forever.

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Just Loud

NYC based Just Loud had always been told that it would be impossible for him to make it in alternative music, and that he should just stick to RnB or Hip Hop.

In 2018, Just Loud used Beatchain's audience targeting/fan finder for the promotion of his new track Soul Train, which peaked at #26 on the Billboard Alternative Chart

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Beatbox trio Duke started using Beatchain in 2018.

For 15 years they had performed at festivals, weddings and corporate events but had never put on their own live show.

Using Beatchain’s fan insights & ad placement, Duke identified the best touring locations based on fanbase size and engagement and put on two sellout shows, promoting both for less than 2% of the ticket revenue.

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