Be a figurehead for the artists who dream of working with you

Break the next generation of artists with a white-label Beatchain Arena

You have the brand, Beatchain has the tech

You have the brand, Beatchain has the tech


Artists who idolize your music or brand are spending money on generic services, but they’d rather be spending it with you. Create your own Beatchain Arena and let them feel part of your brand.

Access a growing industry

Access a growing industry


Tap into the millions aspiring artists spend on releasing and promoting music and create unmissable opportunities for your community. Leverage your brand to offer coveted prizes and bring in exciting new artists to your Arena.

Find the next generation


Beatchain will deal with the day-to-day and bring you only the best new talent via the leaderboard. Choose your favorite artists from the very top to win the big prizes.

Your very own distro platform


Share in the revenue generated by independent distributors. Our experienced team will take care of checking and delivering releases to all the major streaming platforms. Your arena artists earn leaderboard points for releasing music and gaining new listeners.

AI-Powered Digital Marketing

Fan Builder

Arena Artists purchase social media campaigns with no need for complex ad accounts. We use our proprietary AI and machine learning to target the best audiences across Meta and TikTok with effective, templated campaigns.

Unrivalled Analytics


Free artist insights, with data collated from streaming, playlisting and social media. Help artists understand their fanbases, and get the full picture for your A&R team.

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