Scale your distribution QC process with innovative AI technology

Let Automation do the heavy listening.

Beatchain Soundcheck automates the painstaking process of reviewing music releases.

From metadata accuracy to lyric analysis, our AI-driven platform handles it all, significantly reducing manual effort and turnaround time.

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Better Metadata.

Our sophisticated algorithms scan and validate metadata against various DSPs’ guidelines, ensuring each release is accurate and compliant. Soundcheck flags discrepancies and assists in aligning with industry standards.

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Take the work out of artwork checks..

Utilizing cutting-edge image recognition technology, Soundcheck examines cover art, ensuring it meets visual content standards and does not infringe on sensitive or non-compliant imagery.

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Image recognition

Lyrics you can swear by.

Leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), Soundcheck accurately transcribes lyrics and evaluates them for explicit content, copyright issues, and contextual appropriateness, customized to each DSP's content policies.

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Never going out of style.

Soundcheck is programmed to align with major DSPs' style guides, including Apple and Spotify. Regular updates are implemented to reflect changes, ensuring ongoing compliance.

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