Artist Insights

Use Beatchain's  Fan Insights to learn more about your audience / use your unique data to understand your unique fan base

Modern music fans create more data than ever before. Streaming, social media, video views and ticket sales all leave behind a data trail that can hold the key to drive your success an artist. Beatchain Insights brings all that data together in one place to help you understand and grow your audience.

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Data That Makes Sense

Keep track of your fan bases around the web/ Monitor follower growth, playlist inclusion, post performance and more

Get important stats for your streams, playlists, social posts and more, all in one place. Understand your fan demographics, where you should tour, and what content is working best.

  • Track Follower Growth on social media
  • See which playlists you're on
  • Compare your fanbases with similar artists
  • Understand which posts are most engaging
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Fan Map

See the full picture of your fan base / Fan Map helps you understand where Those streams, likes and follows are coming from

Do you know where your fan bases are nationwide, or better yet, across the globe? Use Fan Map to understand where you're growing, where you should tour and where your marketing and playlist promotion is making an impact.

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