Beatchain at Mixmasters.Live

Our CMO Luke joined some amazing speakers including Marshall Jefferson, David Morales and Roger Sanchez in the world’s largest virtual event for upcoming electronic music artists:

Beatchain was one of the main sponsors for the event, hosting a unique workshop discussing the tools we’ve made to help artists. Luke walked attendees through Beatchain and what it can do. 

Here are a few video highlights from the event, so that if you’re new to Beatchain, or wondering what it’s all about, you can get some more information. 

What’s included in Beatchain? Here’s a short snippet where Luke explains just how the costs of being an independent artist build up to be quite expensive, and why we can help artists get the help they need for less.

Using artist Eliza Shaddad’s account as an example, Luke did a quick run through of all the social media data you can get your hands on using Beatchain.

If you’re wondering how you can distribute with us, here’s a run through from the talk of just how you can get your songs to the major DSPs (for free!) using Beatchain. 

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